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Elections Worldwide

Sep 7, 2008: McCain's Temper
Comments: 0 | Categories: Elections Worldwide
Recommended: McClatchy Newspapers reporters David Lightman and Matt Steams' September 7, 2008, article headlined "McCain's History of Hot Temper Raises Concerns." They give several examples of people who've had to endure it. Technorati Tags: McCain's Temper, McClatchy Newspapers

Jul 21, 2008: Does This Mean Obama is Fiscally Prudent?
Comments: 0 | Categories: Elections Worldwide , Political Affairs
Jonathan D. Salant at Bloomberg.com: "Obama Raised More Than McCain, Didn't Outspend Him (Update2)." Does that mean he is fiscally prudent? Technorati Tags: Barack Obama,John McCain,Election Spending

Dec 12, 2005: Will 2006 Elections Hinge on National or Local Issues or Both?
Comments: 0 | Categories: Elections Worldwide
Washington Post Staff Writer Chris Cillizza, in a December 11, 2005 article headlined " 2006 Looms as a Test Of National vs. Local Issues," wrote:As both major parties gear up for the 2006 midterm elections, a crucial strategic divide is...

Dec 12, 2005: Democrats 'Eyeing Races for Control of the U.S. House'
Comments: 0 | Categories: Elections Worldwide
As the 2006 midterm election year campaigns are about to get underway, columnist are paying attention to Representative Rahm Emanuel, D-Ill., who is chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee." Yesterday, December 11, 2005, syndicated columnist Robert Novak wrote about...

Dec 5, 2005: Ohio Will Likely Provide Good Political Theater in 2006
Comments: 0 | Categories: Elections Worldwide
Toledo Blade.com reported in a December 5, 2005 article that the "political pressure cooker" is " heating up early for Ohio's 2006 races." Read about it here.

Dec 5, 2005: Democrats Must Embrace Small Town America to Win in 2006
Comments: 0 | Categories: Elections Worldwide
On December 3, 2005, "Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean offered a preview of the 2006 elections...with a critique of President Bush's policies on Iraq and immigration and the Republicans' ethics scandals," according to Washington Post reporter Dan Balz. "But he...

Aug 2, 2005: On First Reference
Comments: 0 | Categories: Elections Worldwide
Here's is an interesting Associated Press (AP) lead in a story describing the vote count in the August 2, 2005 election in Ohio to replace "Republican Rob Portman, who, the AP noted, "stepped down this year after being named U.S....

Aug 2, 2005: Kilpatrick, Freeman Expected to Meet in Detroit's General Election
Comments: 0 | Categories: Elections Worldwide
The Associated Press (AP) reported the night of August 2, 2005 that Detroit "incumbent Kwame Kilpatrick and challenger Freeman Hendrix were expected to defeat 10 other hopefuls" in the August 2, 2005 mayoral primary for the right to face off"...

Jun 7, 2005: Washington State's Dino Rossi Ends Campaign
Comments: 0 | Categories: Elections Worldwide
Washington State's Republican candidate for governor, Dino Rossi, "stood Monday [June 6, 2005] to announce the end to his 2004 campaign for governor," reports the Olympian and other publications and media outlets. As the Olympian's Brad Shannon noted in a...

Jun 6, 2005: Will The FEC Exempt Bloggers From Web Politicking?
Comments: 0 | Categories: Elections Worldwide
As Brian Feller noted in a "Special" published in the June 5, 2005 edition of The Washington Post, "a raft of lawmakers, campaign finance watchdog groups, election lawyers and bloggers urged the Federal Election Commission on Friday [June 3, 2005]to...